Davin is the mind behind the early concept and science of Deep Six, with degrees in Engineering Physics, Mathematics and Law. He’s the Co-producer of Pure Pwnage, a web series with over 10 million viewers, adapted into a Gemini-nominated primetime television series for Showcase, the creator and producer of multiple digital series including Space Janitors, a web series with over 3 million collective viewers and over 25 award nominations, including Canadian Screen Awards and Canadian Comedy Awards for best digital series. Davin is also Canada’s most successful crowdfunding campaign manager.




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Mika is the force behind the character relationships of Deep Six, and award-winning writer and performer who brings an authentic voice to this female-lead series. Her writing credits include the Netflix/Showcase sci-fi series Travelers, the award-winning short film The Pamplemousse, and Smokebomb’s Digi Award nominated V Morgan is Dead. Mika was a resident of the Banff Playwrights Colony, a screenplay finalist for the American Gem Literary Award, LA Expo Screenplay Competition, and the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. Mika is a recent alumnus of the CFC Prime Time TV Writing Residency.