Aimee Dansereau from She-Fi gets the low-down from Davin and Mika

We at She-Fi had the great fortune of interviewing award-winning writers, Davin Lengyel (Space Janitors,) and Mika Collins (Travelers, The Pamplemousse). They have co-created a fascinating new sci-fi web series called Deep Six, which uses real science to inform the story’s plot and create conflict for the characters. Deep Six is a story about 250 astronauts and their military security team who are on a moon base in a real star system called Tau Ceti. They are pioneers in humanity’s first attempt to explore planets outside of our own star system, but an accident occurs, disconnecting them from all communications with Earth. Isolated and vulnerable, something (or someone) is out there with them, attacking them....

Read the full article here.

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