Backer BTS Gallery #2 - Rear Projection Test

Probably the most scary part of our shoot was introducing rear projection. We had worked on a lot of green-screen shows, but we wanted something different for Deep Six. We wanted something more real. If you were sitting in the ship, we wanted you to react to things you could see around you as opposed to having to imagine everything. Our actors should be able to lock eyes on the nearby planet, or get a little sick as your spaceship swings around. The solution? A big ass rear-projection screen! Although there are some pretty great BTS shots of us shooting in front of that screen, I first wanted to share with you some BTS pics from our camera test. We took a video featuring clips from Star Wars, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and a few other "fly through starfield" clips, and put them up on a screen. The results were stunning, and locked us in to the rear-projection solution.

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