Backer BTS Gallery #4 - Kristian

Today we celebrate another one of our well known stars, Donnie from Orphan Black - Kristian Bruun! True story: While editing a scene of DEEP SIX with Kristian, I was watching The Handmaid's Tale. I paused the edit, but I could still hear Kristian's voice... but I didn't remember that scene?!? Was it an outtake? Some sort of glitch?? Nope. It was Kristian acting a scene in the Handmaid's Tale in the other window. A cool little coincidence...

In order to celebrate Kristian's amazing performance as Base Administrator Carl, we gathered together a few of his BTS pictures for you in the gallery below. Don't forget that we are offering a limited exclusive Kristian Bruun autographed picture as a perk on the main page.

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